I honestly don’t know how this works yet, but I’m starting a blog about my personal experience with life, but mostly with mbti.

As a person, I don’t know much about how the universe works. Much less how people work, as people are the most complex thing we know of. I’m going to have to correct myself a lot on this blog, but that’s okay. It’s a sign of emotional maturity for one to admit they were wrong or that they don’t know something.

I guess I should introduce you to myself, but I don’t really want to do too much of that. The people who are reading this at this point already know me well enough. They don’t need introductions. But I’m going to be taking from my personal experience with mbti to write this blog, so I might as well introduce my family a bit.

I’m one of seven children, and everyone in my family has a different mbti type. My father is an INTP, my mother an ESFJ. My siblings types are ESFP, ESTJ, INFP, ISTJ, ESTP, and ISFP. I want to write about them a lot on this site, so I thought I might as well introduce them in the beginning.

I have five friends that I would consider myself close with, and their types are ENFP, INFP, ESFP, ISFP, and INFJ. I’ve noticed a general pattern in the people I like to socialize with. I plan on writing an article on each of the types I am familiar with, so that should be the next twelve posts. Sorry that I don’t have much experience with ISTPs, ENTJs, ENTPs, or ENFJs. I might try to do posts on them too, but I don’t think I’m as qualified to write about them.

Not that I’m particularly qualified to write about the other twelve types.

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