My mother is an ESFJ, and out of everyone in my family, she is the person I feel closest to. She doesn’t always understand me, but she does try, and that’s more than most people do. She listens to me, even when she disagrees with what I’m saying. She may not always understand my perspective, but I can talk to her comfortably. I can be myself with her.

Her dominant Fe means she’s always thinking about what’s best for others. She is the most selfless person I know, to the point where she often sacrifices her own health for the sake of others. She wants the best life possible for each of her children and her husband, and she will do anything in her power to make my family happy.

She has always been able to calm my family down when we’re fighting, and can empathize with us when we’re hurting. She tries hard to understand every point of view, even if she doesn’t have direct access to them.

She likes things done a certain way, usually the way she’s used to, and gets frustrated when people do it other ways. Over time she has tried to learn that her way isn’t always the best way, even if she feels like it is.

To my mother, there is an obvious path to happiness, and she used to wonder why other people didn’t take the path she took for joy and fulfillment. I saw things the same way honestly, although we were both referring to different paths. She was referring to a life filled with harmony and taking care of others, mine was a more isolated seeking of knowledge. Together, we learned that the two paths can coexist as long as both of us were willing to accept that others would be different from us.

My mother loves holidays. She likes to make them special for me and my siblings. She likes having lots of traditions and getting us all together in the same place. She likes to watch everyone else being happy. Out of the hundreds of pictures we have of our family, very few have her in front of the camera.

My mother is one of the strongest people I know. She has been sick for more than a year now, and can barley get out of bed many days. She has endured so much, and through it all she still tries to hide how much she’s suffering. She has stayed faithful to god and her beliefs through all this hardship. I admire her so much for that.

My mother is a genius. Maybe not in an academic sense, but in an interpersonal sense. She is the most empathetic person I know, and she can handle almost anything the world of interpersonal relationships throws at her. She understands people on a deep emotional level, and she can handle conflict very well for a person who hates conflict.

I love my mother, and I owe a lot of the person I am to the way she raised me. She taught me to be kind and to assume that others have good intentions. I know that without her I would be a lot more harsh and opinionated. I’m grateful that she taught me to be emotionally mature early on. My life is so much better because she’s in it.

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