Beautiful young woman sitting on the stone on the seashore. Tropical island of Bali, Indonesia.

I am lucky to have two INFPs in my life, one of my friends and my little sister. I love INFPs, I love them both very much, and I would like to write about them.

My INFP friend and I have been friends since we were in fourth grade. We’ve explored our ideas of morality, identity, and sexuality over the years, but we always come back to each other no matter how much we’ve changed.

We bond over our shared Fi function, and to a lesser extent our Te function. We both have a sense of morality derived from within, and while we may differ in our beliefs, we don’t have to agree all the time in order to be friends. In my opinion that’s the best kind of friendship.

My INFP friend is an amazing writer, and I love to read her work. She writes creatively and authentically and I admire her for that. I can see the pieces of herself that she weaves seamlessly into her stories.

Both the INFPs in my life are much more emotional than I am. Their feelings are everywhere, and I find myself often trying to act as a voice of reason within their emotional storm. Both my INFP friends also suffer from mental illness. Namely anxiety, depression, and PTSD. These are inherently emotional experiences and they were both emotional people before they began suffering from mental illness. I can’t imagine having so many feelings with so little control over them.

I often find myself acting as a counselor for the INFPs in my life, because often they are blinded by their emotions in the moment. My INFP friend has been in many unhealthy relationships, and sometimes she needed to hear from someone else that the relationship wasn’t worth saving and that she should simply cut the person out of her life. She has now found a partner with whom she has a happy and healthy relationship with.

For my INFP sister, living an emotionally stable life has been difficult. She wants to be authentic before anything else, and feels like she has to give up parts of herself to survive in this world. My often feels victimized by reality. She also tends to get tunnel vision, only seeing the present moment and sinking deep into despair over small problems. But she is still young, and I have faith that her personality will develop and she will become better equipped to deal with her problems.

My INFP friend and her Ne have made many impulsive decisions. Most of the time it’s just new projects, but the most recent impulsive decision was the purchase of a pet bunny. She didn’t tell anyone until after she had already done it. I’m sure my little sister would make many of these impulsive choices if she had the chance.

My INFPs are very sentimental due to their tertiary Si. They tend to hang onto things that have sentimental value to them, which is pretty much everything. I used to share a room with my little sister, and she was virtually unaware of the mess she surrounded herself with.

I love my INFP friend and sister, and they are both very open minded. We can talk about philosophical topics effortlessly and can discuss a wide range of subjects.

I am very artistic, despite the INTJ stereotype. I mean, I do love science, but I find myself loving art slightly more. The INFPs in my life bring out my artistic side in a way I absolutely love. We have different ways of going about creating art, but we both make it and admire the others work. I have many memories of writing, drawing, and painting with my little sister. One of my fondest memories is when my sister and I gathered leaves and sticks and make fairy houses to put in the garden. They both help me see beauty in ways I haven’t seen it before, and for that I am grateful.

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