Personal Growth using MBTI


We all know that mbti is an imperfect system. It’s a system that tries to put the most complicated things in the known universe into sixteen little boxes. And while mbti shouldn’t be taken too seriously, it can be extremely useful.

When I first discovered mbti I was very arrogant, judgmental, and ignorant in relationships. I had the stereotypical INTJ weaknesses. At first I took the path that many people take. I decided to use mbti and my personality type to excuse my negative behavior. Oh how I cringe at that decision.

One of the main purposes of mbti is to familiarize yourself with your personal strengths and weaknesses, not so you can excuse your unhealthy behavior, but so you can grow. If nothing had pointed out to me that I was arrogant, I wouldn’t have changed.

The reason mbti points out your weaknesses is not so you can justify them, but to become self aware and improve upon them.

Another mistake I made with mbti was thinking that I had to change myself to fit with my types stereotype. Oh how foolish this was. For a long time I didn’t realize I was changing myself to fit with the internet stereotype, I just subconsciously changed. I am going to hide behind the fact that I was an immature fourteen year old at the time.

Personality typing is meant to describe you, not to define you. It’s unhealthy to have your identity entirely dependent on a personality test. It’s natural to change, grow, and mature no matter what your personality type is.

While your personality type doesn’t change throughout your life, your personality and identity will change. If you don’t resemble your types stereotype, you are usually a well adjusted and mature person. Congratulations!

I wish I could say I learned the lesson on my own, that I simply realized my error and decided to use mbti constructively completely spontaneously. But alas, I learned my lesson the hard way by being immature. I was cruel towards the people I love and I still regret the fights I started.

So learn from me. Use your knowledge of mbti to identify your strengths and weaknesses and improve upon them. Don’t let personality type define you, because humans are so much more complex than any personality test.

So if yo

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