My little brother is an ESTP, and I love talking to him. He can carry a conversation really well and he has a lot of deep thoughts. He’s a really young emotional roller coaster. One moment he’s talking about his feelings of abandonment, and the next moment he’s literally jumping for joy.

My brother frequently finds himself in Ti-Ni loops. He finds himself rationalizing his self loathing. He gets stuck thinking that life is destined to be terrible forever. He really seems to believe that he’s incapable of change. It’s really hard to get him out of them.

My brother is a lover of extreme sports. It’s a Se dominant stereotype, but he really does love being physically active. I believe he had a six pack by the time he was six. He is the most athletic person I’ve ever met, and he hurts himself less than expected (although still often enough for me to be concerned).

My little brother has the highest emotional highs and the lowest emotional lows. When he’s happy he is giddy and full of this pure energy that just spreads like a wildfire. When he’s angry he is impulsive and often makes decisions he regrets.

He loves to touch everything. He will grab things without warning just to get an idea of what it is. This can be annoying when I’m trying to do something with the thing in question. He lives so much in the present moment and experiences reality primarily through his senses, so I can’t really blame him for wanting to touch things.

My little brother’s Fe is rather immature, and this shows itself in his inability to control strong emotions. He tends to be rather unaware of how he’s feeling until he lashes out and unintentionally hurts someone. He tends to react to things very quickly with no thought about what the future consequences might be.

His physical awareness astounds me. He has a keen awareness of his surroundings and at a moments notice he can react to them. He tends to be impulsive and can make snap decisions.

My brothers logic is based on what makes sense to him. He is constantly developing his system of logic.

My brother is very loud. I love his loudness, although I would find it much less endearing if I didn’t love him as much as I do. He also plays the drums, which fits well with his loud personality.

I’d say that every upper Ni user should have at least one friend who’s an upper Se user. When they’re both mature they can really strengthen each other and together become more self aware. Sometimes we really do need to get out of our heads for a bit, use our inferior function a little.

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