My ESTJ brother is the most ambitious person I know. He’s very clever and efficient. He likes to be the boss and is usually an effective leader. It really seems to come naturally to him, as he is very charismatic and knows how to do things effectively.

When my brother wants something he goes and gets it. His Te helps him to develop a clear goal and a plan to achieve it. He takes action immediately. As a child he would announce exactly what he wanted and would save up money to get it. Recently he has taken up mountain biking and he has been very strategic in the way he goes about refining his skills. He quickly learns the application of knowledge.

To my brother, things are useless to him if they don’t have a direct impact on his life. He’s good at fitting into the system and always got good grades, but he would frequently discuss the impracticality of things with me. He cares a lot about things working. He doesn’t care how something works unless he’s trying to replicate it in his own life.

My brother cares about rules and fairness. His Si is very focused on the way he was raised, and he tends to question traditions more than I do. He believes that following the rules is usually the right thing to do.

He cares about fairness mostly in terms of sameness, meaning he’s less likely to accommodate to the needs of others if they are unable to keep up with the system. He’s more understanding if there is an illness, for example he understands that I need accommodations due to my depression, but he gets upset and feels like I’m being hypocritical if I point out that he’s not doing his part. If he’s making exceptions for you he usually expects you to make exceptions for him.

My brother is fairly out of touch with his emotions, as his Fi is inferior. He often doesn’t understand what he’s feeling. Sometimes he will do things for emotional reasons and deny that his motives were anything but logical.

His tertiary Ne is where he gets his restless side. He is an entrepreneur and wants to come up with unique business ideas that he can execute. He likes to be adventurous and take calculated risks. He jumps from idea to idea with small things, but stays focused on things that are important to him.

My ESTJ brother is very organized and particular about his environment. He has shared bedrooms with both my ESFP brother and ESTP brother, and he got very frustrated when they would neglect their responsibilities. He is very good at keeping things neat, unlike the rest of our family I suppose.

I love my brother, and I love that I can have serious and practical conversations with him as well as whimsical and fun ones. He reminds me that the way things have always been done isn’t always the worst, and I try to help him see that it’s not always the best either.

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