I haven’t written on this blog for quite some time. Life became hectic, and depression has been especially difficult. Blogging has taken the back burner, but things have calmed down and I’m able to write again now.

When I was in the thick of depression, I thought I was an INFJ. I later discovered the cognitive functions and realized that my being so emotional didn’t stem from auxiliary Fe, but rather tertiary Fi that developed early due to mental illness. (Note that I am not trying to imply that INFJs are simply depressed INTJs. I just wrongly equated feeler with emotional, and depression is an emotional experience for every type).

INFJ is one of my favorite types. I can relate to them especially well because of our shared dominant Ni. One of my best friends is an INFJ, and conversation between us always flows naturally. I don’t see her often, but every time we talk we both get a priceless feeling of being understood. She is the only other Ni dom I know, and the connection we have is irreplaceable.

She thinks very deeply and philosophically. She has a long term plan that she doesn’t talk about often, but she talks about the future enough for me to know she has a detailed plan. We both enjoy looking for patterns in people and events.

She has a tendency to overwork herself and ignore her physical needs, even more than I do. She was taking college classes and had a job when she was thirteen. She made me feel like an irresponsible coaster.

She takes a more traditional and socially acceptable route than I do when it comes to school and friends. She gets good grades, makes her parents happy, and still has the energy to be nice to people. I, on the other hand, take nonconformity as a moral principle.

She is friendly to everyone, even if she only opens up to a few. She is honestly the kindest person I know, and it’s rubbed off on me quite a bit. After becoming her friend, I found myself being kinder and more sympathetic to strangers and friends alike. I’m more understanding of other people, and even of myself when I started to suffer from depression.

We share many interests, including philosophy, literature, and the nature of humans. We don’t skirt around uncomfortable topics simply because they are uncomfortable. I’m very glad to have my INFJ friend in my life.

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